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Recruiting (We Need You)
# I am looking for people who are:
#1 Online alot
#2 Play and have fun
#3 People willing to work together as a clan
#4 Just want to team kill or kill the red dots
#5 Losing or fighing we all go down as one clan
#6 Must be 16 or older to join, or unless your a good listener
#7 Do not dis-respect others in the clan ( Just don't push it to far) (Joke around only)
#8 English language (understanding what you say)
#9 Communication is the main key of all (Microphones Needed)
Welcome To Were"2"Twisted


I myself encourage everyone to get along with everyone in the clan. Although many of us are competitive like many other gamer(s) out there, these are video game's meant to have fun . If there is any issue's, among people in the clan then contact the CLAN LEADER (Dragonsbrovs, also i do have other PSN names), Other than that Let's all just get along and beat any Opposition.

There will be a one Clan Leader, numbers of Officers and numbers of Members. I recommend that all the clan follows the orders that are given out to you, some will get high and some will get low risked chances if we want to win we have to communicate and work as a team not the opposite of this. 

We do not require you to play or group with us ALL of the time. But refusing to group ALL of the time or not playing games with W2T at all will get you booted from the clan i get that you want to play solo sometimes but you have to play with the clan to wear the W2T clan initials.

If there is any clan battles that are taken place i will update the scheduled time, place and game for the where about's you need to be. i do not want any body leaving the clan a billion times or leaving at all because that is really annoying, you either want in or you don't simple!

Making An Account

To make an account you just need to simply make yourself an account login will be your PSN name, then fill out the application for Were"2"Twisted then wait for me to get back on and i either accept or decline depending on your Disadvantages and Advantages.....

P.S. sorry for the advertising that you may see!
Message From Myself (Clan Leader)
Starting out im the clan leader. I'm the clan leader if you have problems with the clan or issues with anything send me a message, I'm online most of the time (unless busy(work)/emergency). I will update this page often. Whatever is spoken to you about being in the clan and what you are taught in Were"2"Twisted stays with you and the clan. Information is confidential do not let anyone who is not in the clan know anything that you are told.
Pictures Of Games
The Games That Are Played In The Clan (6)
  Battlefield 3
  Call Of Duty MW3
  MAG Raven
  MAG Sver
  MAG Valor
  Twisted Medal

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